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Celebrate Canada Day at Sushi Mori Coquitlam: A Fusion of Flavours and Festivities

Canada Day at Sushi Mori Coquitlam

As July approaches, Canadians across the country gear up to celebrate Canada Day, a cherished tradition marking the nation's birthday. At Sushi Mori Coquitlam, we invite you to join us in commemorating this special occasion with a delightful blend of Japanese cuisine and Canadian flair. Here's how you can make this Canada Day memorable at Sushi Mori Coquitlam:

Embracing Canadian Spirit with Sushi

At Sushi Mori, we pride ourselves on infusing traditional Japanese dishes with a Canadian twist. Imagine savouring rolls that blend the delicate flavors of fresh salmon with a hint of maple syrup, or enjoying a specialty roll inspired by Canadian landscapes. Our chefs meticulously craft each dish to ensure a perfect harmony of flavors, making every bite a celebration of culinary creativity.

Instagram and Google Reviews Event:

To make your Canada Day experience even more festive, Sushi Mori Coquitlam is hosting a special event! Follow us on Instagram or leave a review on Google, and receive a complimentary Ramune drink. Celebrate with us and enjoy this refreshing treat as a token of our appreciation for your support!

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Bring your loved ones and enjoy a family-friendly environment at Sushi Mori Coquitlam. Our spacious dining area and welcoming ambiance provide the perfect setting for celebrating together. We offer a variety of options for every palate, ensuring that even the youngest diners find something delicious to enjoy. From kid-friendly sushi rolls to comforting bowls of teriyaki, there's no better place to create lasting memories on Canada Day.

Community Celebrations and Festivities

Join us as we embrace the community spirit of Canada Day. Sushi Mori Coquitlam is proud to participate in local celebrations, offering outdoor seating for fireworks viewing and collaborating with neighbouring businesses to enhance the festive experience. Whether you're looking to relax with friends or enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars, our team is committed to ensuring your Canada Day celebration is nothing short of spectacular.

Safety First

As always, the safety and well-being of our guests are our top priorities. We adhere to strict health and safety protocols to provide you with a worry-free dining experience. From enhanced cleaning procedures to socially distanced seating arrangements, we take every precaution to ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable.


This Canada Day, elevate your celebration with a visit to Sushi Mori Coquitlam. Experience the fusion of Japanese culinary artistry and Canadian hospitality like never before. Whether you're indulging in our signature sushi rolls, enjoying our welcoming atmosphere, or participating in community festivities, Sushi Mori Coquitlam promises a memorable Canada Day experience. Join us in honouring Canada's rich heritage and vibrant culture with every delicious bite.

Visit us today:

Plan your Canada Day celebration at Sushi Mori Coquitlam and discover why we're a favourite destination for food lovers and families alike. Make your reservations now and join us in raising a toast to Canada's birthday. We look forward to welcoming you!

Celebrate Canada Day with us at Sushi Mori Coquitlam – where flavors meet festivity in every dish. 🇨🇦🍣

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