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This sushi restaurant offers a rich taste and beautiful harmony based on fresh ingredients and meticulous techniques. The delightful flavours and delicate cooking methods were very satisfying, and the luxurious atmosphere and friendly service created a perfect dining experience. Especially manager Jake was very kind. Their ordering devices were also very intuitive and simple. Overall, this place will be remembered as one of my favourite sushi restaurants nowadays.

The dining experience was truly UNPARALLELED! Every dish showcased a remarkable blend of flavors, expertly crafted and presented with precision. What really set this evening apart was the outstanding service and the genuine politeness of the staff. They went the extra mile to ensure every detail met and exceeded expectations. Tonight's dinner was a delight, and I'm eagerly anticipating my next visit to relish this exceptional combination of culinary excellence and impeccable service.


I absolutely loved the atmosphere of this restaurant! The booths are big but cozy, the lighting is warm, and the staff are welcoming.

The menu is very big, be careful your eyes don't become bigger than your stomach which happened to me! The rolls were very good and tasty, the sashimi was fresh and the pieces were large, the karaage was very soft/tender, and the teriyaki was good too. The only disappointing part was the tiny dessert menu, especially considering how large the menu was as a whole. They only had ice cream, so we ended up going somewhere else for something sweet after.

I can't wait to go back and try some of the entrees, and bring more people with me.

Welcome to Sushi Mori Coquitlam

Discover the essence of Japanese culinary art at Sushi Mori Coquitlam. Indulge in delightful fusion cuisine crafted with care by our talented chefs. Experience the warmth of our vintage interior and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience under the cherry blossoms.

Embrace the Beauty of Japanese Culture
Experience the Tranquility of Cherry Blossom Season 

At Sushi Mori, we pride ourselves on offering a delightful fusion of Japanese cuisine in the heart of Coquitlam. Our menu is crafted with care and precision to capture the essence of Japanese culinary art while embracing innovative flavors and techniques. Each dish is a harmonious blend of tradition and creativity, designed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Craftsmanship in Every Bite Meet Our Talented Chefs at Work

Our dedicated chefs, equipped with the latest kitchen technology, meticulously prepare each dish using the freshest ingredients available. From hand-rolled sushi to expertly crafted sashimi, every bite is a testament to their passion for excellence. Our exclusive house special sauces, made with natural ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, add an extra layer of flavor to our signature dishes.

Immerse Yourself in Japanese Hospitality
Experience the Warmth of Sushi Mori's Vintage Interior

At Sushi Mori, we believe that dining is not just about the food, but also about the experience. Step into our restaurant and you'll be transported to a traditional Japanese atmosphere, complete with artful décor and authentic props. Our vintage interior, adorned with natural materials like stones and trees, creates a cozy and inviting ambiance where you can relax and enjoy your meal.

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