Maki Size (6pcs)

Kappa Roll (Cucumber)

Oshinko Roll (Pickled radish)

Yamagobo Roll (Pickled burdock root)

Salmon Roll

Tuna Roll

Smoked Sockeye Salmon Stick Roll (with cucumber)

Negi Toro Roll

Negi Hama Roll

Fried Salmon Roll

Fried Tuna Roll

California Roll Size (8pcs)

Tamago Roll (Egg)

Inari Roll (Bean curd with cucumber)

Avocado Roll

Avocado & Kappa Roll (Avocado with cucumber)

California Roll (*Substitute with real crab for additional)

Crabmeat Stick California Roll

Wakame Roll (Japanese sea kelp)

Goma-Ae Roll (Spinach with sesame sauce) 

Ebi Roll (Sushi ebi[prawn], cucumber, avocado)

Salmon Avocado Roll

Tuna Avocado Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll

Wild Sockeye Salmon Roll

Squash Roll (Brown Rice)(Squash, cucumber, spinach)

Scallop Tobiko Roll (*Spicy for additional)

Crunch California Roll (Tempura flakes)

Crunch Spicy Tuna Roll (Tempura flakes)

Crunch Spicy Salmon Roll (Tempura flakes)

Fried California Roll

Fried Spicy Salmon Roll

Fried Spicy Tuna Roll

Beef Teri Roll

Chicken Teri Roll (Chicken breast)

Unagi Roll (BBQ Eel)

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll (Crab meat, cream cheese, mango, red pepper with smoked salmon on top)

Dynamite Roll Size (6pcs Large size)

Smoked Salmon Roll (Crab meat, avocado, cucumber with smoked salmon on top)

Yam Tempura Roll (Deep fried yam, lettuce, cucumber, avocado with unagi sauce)

Vegetable Roll (Spring mix, radish, red beet, oshinko, cucumber, shiitake mushroom with ponzu & orange sauce)

Asparagus Tempura Roll (Deep fried asparagus, lettuce, cucumber, avocado with unagi sauce)

Veggie Tempura Roll (Deep fried of yam, onion, green bean with unagi sauce)

BC Roll (Pan fried sockeye salmon skin, crab meat, cucumber, lettuce inside / masago & unagi sauce on top)

Dynamite Roll (No fish egg) (Deep-fried prawn tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber) *Add masago (smelt fish egg) on top for additional)

Salmon Tempura Roll (Deep fried salmon, lettuce, cucumber, avocado with unagi sauce)

Smoked Salmon Yam Tempura Roll (Deep fried yam, lettuce, cucumber, avocado with smoked salmon on top)

Spider Roll (Half size of soft shell crab)  (Deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, lettuce / masago & unagi sauce on top)

* Substitute with brown rice for additional $1 each roll
* Substitute with real crab for additional $3 each roll