Rice (Hot Stone Pot)

Chicken Soboro Don (Marinated & diced B.B.Q. chicken & scrambled egg on rice)

Beef Soboro Don (Marinated beef & scrambled egg on rice)

Tako(Octopus) Soboro Don (Pan-fried tako wasabi, baby shrimp & scrambled egg on rice)

Teriyaki Don

Tofu & Veggie (Tofu, broccoli, bean sprout, cabbage, green onion)

Chicken Breast
Atlantic Salmon
Wild Sockeye Salmon

Katsu Don (with house-made cutlet sauce) 

Chicken Cutlet
Pork Cutlet

Tobiko Don (알밥) (Flying fish roe, Japanese pickled red radish, pan-fried marinated beef, egg yolk & cucumber on rice)

Unagi Don (BBQ eel and scrambled egg on rice)

BBQ Galbi Don (Barbecued marinated short ribs on rice)

* Substitute with brown rice for additional